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We suggest (if at all possible) the Requestor's office or their client does not inform the recipient of the Process prior to this office attempting the service.  This ensures uninterrupted service.  Plus, nothing replaces the element of surprise!

If possible, please include zip code and apartment number “where applicable” on all service of Process.

When you need us to locate an individual, please provide as much information as available such as date of birth, social security number, last known address, police report (if applicable) and the individual’s involvement as it pertains to the case.

If a law firm is requesting we find someone, any previous in-house notes or outside investigation files need to be provided.  This saves you time and money!

For serving subpoenas to firefighters, EMTs, ambulance personnel and/or city, state employees, please call our office for information and instructions. 

Gloucester County Court House filings must be filed at 1 North Broad Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096. If there is a payment/check attached to the filing, it must be filed at 55 Delaware Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096.


We charge a flat fee for unlimited attempts per location, with a proper address. Therefore unless otherwise instructed by the requestor's office, we attempt a business during daytime hours and a residence during evening and early morning hours. If the business is located at a residence and we were not informed of same by the requestor or instructed otherwise, we will attempt service during daytime (business) hours. If there is no answer and we are required to go back to the address during evening or early morning (residence) hours, we will invoice for two separate locations.