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When serving Philadelphia Police Officers, always include their name, badge number, specific date of appearance and district code number (DC number). A witness fee is required and the amount is obtained through the Office of Court Attendance, Room 119, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA.  Phone: 215-686-7290.
Commonwealth of Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas subpoenas require a prothonotary signature and seal and must include a $7.70 fee for EACH subpoena.
Service to Pennsylvania State Troopers: Service upon a Pa State Trooper must be made at the barracks to which they are currently assigned. If a Witness Fee or Expert Fee is to be supplied to them, it must be in the form of a Certified Check or Money Order made payable to “The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”. If the Trooper is required to bring with him his Police Accident Report or any other reports, those reports must be subpoenaed separately to “Commissioner Robert Evanchick, Custodian of Records”, Harrisburg, PA, with no fee required. For a Pa State Trooper who is an “Expert Witness” the fee is $300.00 made payable to “The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” and must be either certified funds or money order. United States District Court (Federal): If the Pa State Trooper is to be served with a US District Court (Federal) Subpoena, the witness fee is $40.00/day and .485 cents per/mile traveled, round trip and must be made payable to “The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” in the form of a certified check or money order.
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Philadelphia  Firefighters and EMTs: A signed and sealed subpoena must be taken to the Philadelphia Municipal Services building for approval.  The building is located at 1515 Arch St., 14th Fl., Philadelphia.  Phone: 215-686-1362 through 686-1366. Upon approval, the subpoena is served to the Fire Admin. Bldg. at 240 Spring Garden St., Phila.

Procedure to serve Phila. Housing Authority Employees: No approval is necessary. The signed and sealed subpoena is served at 12 South 23rd St., Philadelphia.

Procedure to serve Complaints to Phila. International Airport: All Complaints are to be served to Ruby Urroz, Airport Claims Manager at the Risk Management Office located at the Municipal Services Building, 1515 Arch St., 14th Fl., Phone: 215-683-1724. *Important* "Phila. International Airport" need NOT be mentioned in the case caption,  but MUST be mentioned in the body of the Complaint, as a defendant.

Procedure to obtain outdated Phila. Police accident reports: To research a police report the City of Phila. Data Processing Dept charges $150 to search per month and $1800 to search per year. The request must be by subpoena. Upon being signed and sealed the subpoena must be sent to the Phila. Municipal Services Building for approval at 1515 Arch St., 14th Fl., Philadelphia. The subpoena is then forwarded by approval to the City of Phila. Data Processing Dept. located at 8th and Race Streets, Philadelphia. Phone: 215-686-1287. For all Philadelphia Fire and Rescue Personnel fees, CLICK HERE.